What’s the real truth about cholesterol?

For decades CHOLESTEROL has been the most vilified nutrient in the world, BUT… Would you believe that CHOLESTEROL is not only GOOD for you but  NECESSARY for optimal health?!?!

It’s only since the 1950’s that fat, and specifically “CHOLESTEROL,“ has become the most “vilified“ nutrient in the American Diet and the world! For decades we have been taught that the consumption of fat and cholesterol will clog are arteries, cause Heart disease and kill us early!

BUT… Is this true? We have been taught to AVOID FAT AND CHOLESTEROL AT ALL COSTS! But could removing fat from our diet be causing more healthy issues as well as disease?

Have you ever thought of  SATURATED  FAT as actually being  HEALTHY for you??? Not until now. In this video I will show you WHY YOU MUST EAT CHOLESTEROL and the surprising health benefits that you would never imagine. I will also explain what exactly is HDL, LDL and what their roles are… And is there really  GOOD and BAD CHOLESTEROL????

Yes, you can add CHOLESTEROL back into your diet… And be HEALTHIER for it!