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5 Reasons Neurofeedback May Be Right for You

Have you heard of neurofeedback? Learn how this innovative and noninvasive therapy retrains your brain activity so you can relax, sleep better, be less anxious, and much more.

Oct 1st, 2020
Got Back Pain?

Study: 60.8% of patients who received LSO back brace in this study did not take any pain medication after receiving it!

Oct 1st, 2020
Regenerative Medicine vs Knee Replacement

The knee is the biggest and the most complicated joint in the human body. A lifetime of walking and jumping causes wear and tear, on top of that, arthritis eating away at these bones can cause the joint to break down.

Aug 20th, 2020
The Power of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Boosting Joint Health

The flexibility of your joints allows you to run, wave, and type on the computer. But joint flexibility also increases the risk of joint damage and pain. Click here to learn about the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for joint health.

Jul 22nd, 2020
What is Wharton's Jelly?

The name doesn’t exactly hint at it, but Wharton’s jelly is at the forefront of current medical research. Its name dates back to the 17th century when the English anatomist Thomas Wharton first identified the jellylike substance that surrounds vital parts

Sep 16th, 2020