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Heal faster and live better through

Natural Wellness

At Total Health Solutions, we believe that through empowering families with education and proven methods, we can lead our community to reach their God-given potential for health and wellness. Our mission is to empower people to live longer, healthier and more abundant lives through Corrective Chiropractic Care, (TBD), and BrainCore Neurocorrective Treaments. At our natural wellness center, you can expect individualized care in our comfortable environment. Our doctor and staff are highly trained and experienced in natural wellness care.


our approach

Three Areas of Treatment

We begin by assessing the Three Stresses to find out what factors are preventing you from being as healthy as God designed you to be. Various Physical, Chemical and Mental stressors can effect your health in complex ways. Rather than merely treating symptoms, we address the issues at the source: 

  • Physical Stress - Corrective Chiropractic Care

  • Environmental Stress - Wellness Guidance Educational Videos

  • Mental Stress - BrainCore


Corrective Chiropractic

Heal naturally with professional corrective chiropractic care at Total Health Solutions. We provide personalized, individual care for all of our patients. By correcting nervous system interference, your body and organ systems can function at optimal levels, helping you to heal faster so you can be free to achieve optimal health.  

You can heal. We can help. Tell us about what's making you suffer.


Wellness Guidance

Social media and marketing constantly bombards us with supposed “rules” about what is and is not healthy. In reality, your nutritional picture has more dimension than anything someone can put in a box. We offer a wealth of nutritional guidance through YouTube, regular email updates and social media. Follow us if you want to learn how to heal, grow and thrive.  


Braincore Neurofeedback & Coaching

Improve behavior using our proven, and healthy alternative to prescription stimulants. BrainCore™ Neurofeedback helps you to correct Brainwave Dysregulation. We provide this care in three main steps: diagnosis, training, and results. BrainCore™ is a non-invasive, drugless method to help improve and correct a wide spectrum of brain-based disorders, such as ADD and ADHD – and improve mental and emotional stability.


You can heal.
We can help. 

Our targeted, multi-dimensional treatment planning allows your body to do it's job and heal itself naturally. Whether your goal is healing, prevention or to achieve optimal health - we're here to help you and your family achieve these goals. You can start right now by downloading one of our guides, and following us. We offer fresh and informative guidance covering all the things you can improve in your lifestyle to help you to heal, grow and thrive.  

Back Pain  Neck Pain Sciatica Headache  Migraine  Sinus Infection Sinusitis  Asthma  Ear Infection  Joint Pain  Numbness & Tingling  Chronic Pain  Anxiety  Depression  ADD  ADHD  PTSD  Insomnia  Focus  Tourette’s  Tics  Personal Injury  Auto Accidents