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Total Health Solutions is a locally owned and operated integrative medicine practice in Milton, Georgia. The dedicated team is proud to provide a wide variety of services to help patients of all ages achieve optimal health and well-being.

The team at Total Health Solutions uses a combination of holistic, conservative, alternative, integrative, and functional medicine approaches when creating a personalized treatment plan. They advocate for natural healing through better nutrition and lifestyle. In addition to providing medical services, the wellness clinic offers advanced chiropractic and behavioral treatment solutions. 

Some of the treatments offered at Total Health Solutions include speciality medicine, genomics for optimal human performance, rehabilitation, and neurofeedback. Whether patients are struggling with weight loss, chronic pain, or mental health issues, the team can help address these problems using effective and natural healing options.

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Empowering YOU to live longer, healthier, more abundant lives.




Genetics Based Optimal Performance

Transcending and transforming the limits of human performance. Your genetic blueprint is the foundation of the human system. This genetic code can be expressed in a multitude of different ways based on Epigenetics- how nature and nurture interact. We focus on genetic variants that provide actionable lifestyle guidance for optimizing and enhancing the human system in the areas of Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Environmental Health & Detoxification, Athletic Performance, and Hormonal Balance.


Improve Brain Function

BrainCore™ Neurofeedback helps you to correct Brainwave Dysregulation. A non-invasive, drugless method to help improve and correct a wide spectrum of brain-based disorders, such as ADD and ADHD – and improve mental and emotional stability.


Speciality Medicine

We provide personalized, individual care for all of our patients. By correcting nervous system interference, your body and organ systems can function at optimal levels, helping you to heal faster so you can be free to achieve optimal health.










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The Power of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Boosting Joint Health

The flexibility of your joints allows you to run, wave, and type on the computer. But joint flexibility also increases the risk of joint damage and pain. Click here to learn about the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for joint health.



Words from our patients

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    "They truly care about their patients always made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in great hands."

    Annie G.
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    "Have gone to Dr. Nick for years and would not consider anyone else for my chiropractic care. He is the best"

    Kathryn B.
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    "Not only do they provide amazing chiropractic care but they provide overall health solutions. Dr Nick and his staff truly care about their clients’ health"

    Lindsey M.
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    "Have been treated by him for many years and he is AWESOME.Very helpful and knowledgeable"

    Donna T.
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    Dr. Nick is committed to improving his patients’ full body health and he is so knowledgeable about nutrition and health.Now all of my children also go there."

    Mary P.
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    "Dr Nick and his delightful family chiropractic team have helped me and my family live a healthier life for the past 5+ years"

    Leann S.
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    "... I was skeptical at first and worried about the time commitment. Today, I feel like a transformation - I am released from a dark track I could not get off of..."

    Victoria J.
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